High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine

SW-98High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine

  • This machine is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws, such as 5mm;6mm; 8mm;10mm etc.。

1.This machine adopted with PLC controller;main motor is equipped with variadle frequency speed regulation;touch screen man-machine interface.Easy for parameters setting operating.
2.Cutting section adopted with numerical multi-blades cutting system.Servo synchronous tracking cutting system makes it higher precision and multi-blades cutting makes it higher efficiency.
3.Machine body and main spare parts made by stainless steel instead of painting Ensuru the hygiene and environmental protection of the products.

紙張層數 3 層
卷管內徑 4. 7-12 M M
卷管壁厚 0.5-2 M M
穩定速度 30-40 M/M I N .
切管方式 多刀切割
切割系統 伺服電機同步跟蹤;多刀在線切割
上膠方式 單雙面
電 源 380 V 三相 50 H Z
操作人員 1 人
紙架/膠架 3 層
庋 帶 3 條
芯 棒 2 套
尺 寸 3500*1500*1200 M M
重 量 1 300 KGS
操作面積 約7000*5000 M M
主電機 1.5kw*2
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